13 July 2012


I open the door, I see only him!

Pretty-face is making me wonder? if i didn't know him, who would I have seen?
I say... I guess... 

I saw him because i was searching for that pretty-face, I was happy to see him because I was searching for that pretty face, I find it pretty because.. well.. here is where I get lost!

I wait for the moment where i can catch his smile, I wait to be the reason he is smiling, I wait for him to tell me "You make me smile", I wait for the time I smile because of his smile...


- "what are you laughing about?"
- "hey! you are here! how are you doing?"


11 December 2011

the person i am!

i see a room with a very large door, too many people are getting through this door.
going in, going out... i look inside once again, and all i can see is him! or maybe her.
the hair is medium tall, the legs are crossed, the eyes are colored, of course they are, blue, green, black or brown are all colors.
that person is wearing a watch, looking at it from time to time, but always with a worried, uncertain look.
people from every age are still going in and out, sometimes i hear them screaming, sometimes laughing and sometimes they are so indifferent i would say they turned to zombies.
the only time i see him/her smiling, i guess that means the only time he/she's happy, it's when all those people are screaming, crying, laughing, jumping... at the same time!
as if he/she likes that disorder, its satisfy him/her!
ps: i never heard a sound, i knew all that just by looking in their eyes!

11 November 2011

the perfect plan!

when do we decide to work hard?
is it when we are asked to, or when we feel like acheiving something new, or when our ego is telling us that we must shine?

first step is being consious that there is a need we need to feed!
how do we do that? what's step number two? do we start working right away? can we do that?
is it possible for us to go staright to our purpose?

if we can do that it means there is no more need for hard work!
it is just that we have been lazy and we finally took a decision to move our ass.

hard work is about planning, respecting the plan is about success, success is satisfaction!

but how do we make our perfect plan?

23 August 2011


SEX is all about LOVE and CONTROL

LOVE the person you are having SEX with

in SEX someone has all the CONTROL while the other is just laying there(in the sad cases)

CONTROL your problems and fights with good SEX

CONTROL your SEX life so you don't fall in LOVE

LOVE the SEX ... CONTROL the LOVE !!!

i will miss you :)

    • i will miss you
    • i will miss you a lot

    • like when you are really hungry and you miss a bk meal
    • like when you have been 10 days out for a camp and you miss the shower back home
    • like when you are in the middle of your exams and you miss the vacation
    • like when your are really sick and you miss being in a good health
    • like when you are in summer time and you miss the snow or when you are in decembre and miss the beach

    • i will miss you that much,
      i know i won't be able to see you right away just like i can't have any of these stuff when i miss it,
      but also i know that i will have them really soon as i know i will see you again at a time that ain't that far

    • you know what they say: good things come to those who wait!

    • if you can have a luxury bath at the camp what pleasure would you get when ur home in your own bathroom?
    • when you eat at bk's everyday you never get to keep the pleasure you get if you have the meal once every couple of weeks
    • the satisfaction when you pass ur exams is worth all the studying
    • if you don't get sick and then get back your health you don't get to appreciate good health

    • summer is good nd winter is good
    • you miss a season when you are during another, but you know every season is wonderful at its time and has its special beauty

    • i will miss you..
      but i will try to be one of those who know how to wait :)

31 May 2011

أحلى مناظر... أبسطن

منظر صبي زغير, بالسيارة يللي حدي, من بعد الساعة 8, عم يطلع من القزاز لَبرا, مبسوط بالعجقة و الضوية
منظر زلمي ختيار, قَنجأ قادر يمشي, قنجأ معو ياكل, مجمع البسينات بشارع الحمرا و عم بطعميون
منظر بنت, مش كتير زغيرة بس مش كبيرة, مبسوطة و عم تضحك من كل قلبا لأنو بعد شوي رح تاكل
كِلا كِلا شوكولاcrepe
منظر تنين كانو عم بيتخاناقو و بقَقل من دقيقة تصالاحو و غمرو بعض و بتَسَمو لبعض من كل قلبن
منظر رفيقتي بالصف وقتا قَلا الأستاذ إنو شغلا حلو كتير و ناجح
منظر أهلي وقتا إرجع علبيت, إذا كنت غايبة 5 دقائق أو جمعة , و سلامن لغير عن كل سلمات العالم
منظر رفيقي هو و عم بيخدم قداس الأحد, خصوصي وقتا يغمض عينَي و يضحك ضحكتو الطفولية البريئة

ما نفتش كتير على المناظر الحلوة, لأنو أحلى مناظر هيني لمنشوفن كل يوم بلا ما نلاحظ, هن أبسط مناظر

27 May 2011

ya latif ya lataftaf!

  • ya latif 3al Mmes li bidalo 7ayssin chou badon yghayro bi 7alon!
  • ya latif 3al jagal w kilo elgel 3ala rasso!
  • ya latif 3al khetyar li 3am bi sou2 bala 3wayneto!
  • ya latif 3al maghroum w mich 2eche3 2edemo!
  • ya latif 3al chab li 7abeb yetjawaz bas fi chi zilliar 3a2ek bi tari2o!
  • ya latif 3a hal parking li bi dal mfawal!
  • ya latif 3a hal band li bet fakera hedik el band 2ad mana ser2a mena!
  • ya latif 3a 2emo chou 2ekher hama w 3a bayo chou m3atar!
  • ya latif 3a hal chajra li 2assouwa men ka3ba!
  • ya latif 3a rfi2e li ma bya3ref la yna2e w la yekhod 2arar!
  • ya latif 3a sa7ebte li ma bye3jeba el3ajab!

ya latif ya lataftaf 3a hal dene kifi sayra btemche bel 2eleb w mich terka 7ada men charra!

25 May 2011


ليش وقتى نوجع من قول "أييي" مش غير شي؟

ليش وقتى نرتاح من قول "خييي" مش غير شي؟

ليش وقتى نسئع من قول "أححح" مش غير شي؟

ليش وقتى ننزعج من قول "أوووف" مش غير شي؟

ليش وقتى نستوعب خبرية من قول "آه ه ه" مش غير شي؟

ليش وقتى نحب شو عم ناكل من قول "مممم" مش غير شي؟

ليش وقتى نقرف من شي من قول "تفووو" مش غير شي؟

ليش الأسود يعني حزن والأبيض يعني سلام؟

ليش الأعمى يعني معاق ويلي بشوف يعني طبيعي؟

ليش الأمركاني يعني فهمان و الهندي يعني مسطول؟

ليش الناصح يعني معتر و الضعيف نيالو؟

ليش من قول "حرام"؟
ليش من قول "يا ريت"؟
ليش من قول "لَو"؟
ليش من قول "رِزقلا"؟

ليش أنا هيك... و أنت مش هيك؟
ليش أنا هيك بحب... و أنت ما بت حب؟

ليش عم بسأل "ليش"؟

ليش أصلاً, شو يعني "ليش"؟

21 March 2011

BB curse

when you are with him, you are talking to me
when you are with me, you are talkin to her!

when you are bored you are not in the mood to use it because you are bored of it too
when you are busy you can't ignore it!

when you choose a new statutes or picture you are thinking of the next one
when you have a new one, you are not really satisfied with it!

when you don't have it you're always thinking of getting it
if you have it, when you receive your bill you think it's too much for something that limited!

it's the blackberry service...
the blackberry curse!

03 March 2011

"How would I recognize you?"

I had to meet you at that place, at that time, for that purpose!

It was the first time to meet you, to meet me, to meet! Or wasn't?

Excited? Were you? I was excited for that moment, I didn't wait for it for such a long time now, but I was excited.

I was scared too, scared and worried: maybe I won't meet your expectations, maybe you'll make me feel really nervous,maybe.. I won't like what I will see.

I am driving my car, heading to that place, at that time, for that purpose!
My phone rang.. It wasn't you!
So you didn't change your mind, you didn't call to cancel our meeting.

The road seems to be so long, I want to get there so bad, so fast!

I asked you: "how would I recognize you?" But you didn't answer on that question.
Would it be a surprise? Or is it that you will never show up? Or maybe it's just that it would be very easy to know it's you..

And I? Would you recognize me by yourself?

It's time. It's the exactly place I should be.

Oh you're so beautiful!
You always keep your promise, you are there everyday, extraordinary and magical!

You are the sunset I wait to see with such an enthusiasm from day to day!
Because it's then and there that I get to meet myself!

27 February 2011

(cheminee) الشميني

قاعدة قدام الشميني، عم بجرب إدرس مادة مش طيقتا: سياسي! فوق أهلي عم بيحضرو مؤتمر لسياسي، ضروري يحضرو لأنو ناطرين منو موقف وقرار.

منظر الشميني حلو، بيلهيني شوي عن التركيز عل درس، بس أنا دافية وهيك أحسن!

رواء كتير، ما في إلا صوت الشميني لبنعس شوي وأنا أصلاً تعبانة ونقصني نوم، بس بروئ كمان وبشيل السترس.

النار عم بتعمل خيلات ع وراقي، مش قاشعة منيح الكلمات، مش مهم، أهم شي ألقط الفكرة.

اجت امي وضوتلي الضو... نزعتا؟ زبطتا؟

أصلاً كنت حبعد عن النار لأنو بلشت أفطس فأصلاً كانو الخيلات رح يروحوا، بس امي كانت حىضوي الضو عكل الحلات.

"لي قاعدي عل عتمة؟" سألتني من أقل من دقيقة، نسيت شو جوبتا! كأنو حدا غيري حكي، نسيت عنجد.

قدي حتكون غريبة إذا طلعت وسألتا: دخلك ماما وقتى سألتني لي قاعدي عل عتمة شو جوباتك؟

بس أصلاً أكيد هي كمان نسيت، ولي سألتني من الاول مازال الجواب ما حيعلق والضو كانت حىضوي بكل الحالات.

بلشو يوصلوا لعازمينن عل غدا... الحطبات كتار.. الغدا كمان حد الشميني..

جعت، كتير جعت..