21 March 2011

BB curse

when you are with him, you are talking to me
when you are with me, you are talkin to her!

when you are bored you are not in the mood to use it because you are bored of it too
when you are busy you can't ignore it!

when you choose a new statutes or picture you are thinking of the next one
when you have a new one, you are not really satisfied with it!

when you don't have it you're always thinking of getting it
if you have it, when you receive your bill you think it's too much for something that limited!

it's the blackberry service...
the blackberry curse!

1 comment:

  1. thats very well said... I've read some of ur previous stuff, u seem very interesting, u have a cute perspective on things:) are u into film making? anyway i just poked u on facebook, u have a gnite