03 March 2011

"How would I recognize you?"

I had to meet you at that place, at that time, for that purpose!

It was the first time to meet you, to meet me, to meet! Or wasn't?

Excited? Were you? I was excited for that moment, I didn't wait for it for such a long time now, but I was excited.

I was scared too, scared and worried: maybe I won't meet your expectations, maybe you'll make me feel really nervous,maybe.. I won't like what I will see.

I am driving my car, heading to that place, at that time, for that purpose!
My phone rang.. It wasn't you!
So you didn't change your mind, you didn't call to cancel our meeting.

The road seems to be so long, I want to get there so bad, so fast!

I asked you: "how would I recognize you?" But you didn't answer on that question.
Would it be a surprise? Or is it that you will never show up? Or maybe it's just that it would be very easy to know it's you..

And I? Would you recognize me by yourself?

It's time. It's the exactly place I should be.

Oh you're so beautiful!
You always keep your promise, you are there everyday, extraordinary and magical!

You are the sunset I wait to see with such an enthusiasm from day to day!
Because it's then and there that I get to meet myself!


  1. نيّالو ونيّالك في

  2. you have it too..
    everybody does!
    so niyelak kamen abo :)

  3. jess it's a smart article and I love it!! ::D