23 August 2011

i will miss you :)

    • i will miss you
    • i will miss you a lot

    • like when you are really hungry and you miss a bk meal
    • like when you have been 10 days out for a camp and you miss the shower back home
    • like when you are in the middle of your exams and you miss the vacation
    • like when your are really sick and you miss being in a good health
    • like when you are in summer time and you miss the snow or when you are in decembre and miss the beach

    • i will miss you that much,
      i know i won't be able to see you right away just like i can't have any of these stuff when i miss it,
      but also i know that i will have them really soon as i know i will see you again at a time that ain't that far

    • you know what they say: good things come to those who wait!

    • if you can have a luxury bath at the camp what pleasure would you get when ur home in your own bathroom?
    • when you eat at bk's everyday you never get to keep the pleasure you get if you have the meal once every couple of weeks
    • the satisfaction when you pass ur exams is worth all the studying
    • if you don't get sick and then get back your health you don't get to appreciate good health

    • summer is good nd winter is good
    • you miss a season when you are during another, but you know every season is wonderful at its time and has its special beauty

    • i will miss you..
      but i will try to be one of those who know how to wait :)

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