11 December 2011

the person i am!

i see a room with a very large door, too many people are getting through this door.
going in, going out... i look inside once again, and all i can see is him! or maybe her.
the hair is medium tall, the legs are crossed, the eyes are colored, of course they are, blue, green, black or brown are all colors.
that person is wearing a watch, looking at it from time to time, but always with a worried, uncertain look.
people from every age are still going in and out, sometimes i hear them screaming, sometimes laughing and sometimes they are so indifferent i would say they turned to zombies.
the only time i see him/her smiling, i guess that means the only time he/she's happy, it's when all those people are screaming, crying, laughing, jumping... at the same time!
as if he/she likes that disorder, its satisfy him/her!
ps: i never heard a sound, i knew all that just by looking in their eyes!

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